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‘Wear a Possum?’

New Zealand, before human migration had 32 varieties of flightless birds including kiwi, kakapo, takahe, penguin, weka and moa. When the Brushtail Possum was imported from Australia to stimulate a fur industry here birds eggs became a primary food for those hungry marsupials.

When the fur industry eventually collapsed the possum population was reckoned to have multiplied to at least 70 million and our ecology was severely undermined.

Department of Conservation surveys found that only 16 flightless bird species of the original 32 remained and the population of hundreds of other species who laid their eggs in trees were on the threatened list.

Possums in addition are both causing the collapse of the canopy of native forests here and spread bovine tuberculosis to dairy herds, a huge export industry in our country.

The eradication of possums has become the stated intent of successive Governments whether National, Labour or Green.

Trappers are licensed to manage a small number of traps each under a highly regulated system which ensures fast humane kills. Whereas trappers were once paid by Government for the number of possum tails surrendered they now sell plucked fur by the kilo to yarn manufacturers.

A commercial incentive for an ecological disaster has risen to meet the challenge!

Possum Fur is one of few hollow furs in the world. This characteristic means it retains heat within the fibre.

Yarn which is 40% fur is reputed to be twice as warm as wool alone.

95% of garments and accessories sold at Seriously Twisted are a minimum of 40% possum fur.

When bound with merino wool and silk this produces the lightest warmest strongest yarn in the world.

Our philosophy is to…


Keep you warm


Save the wonderful native forests of New Zealand and protect our unique bird species


Bring the world’s beauty, great design, and possum fur into the same sentence


Keep possum trappers busy and well rewarded for their work


Keep local artisans employed (including ourselves)

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